Thor is Here!

Final project piece for my upcoming “Imaginative Sculpting” class at !
Class will cover a lot of anatomy and my approach on how to study it. Plus different sculpting techniques and how to find your inspiration, stablish a conversation with the work and let it take shape. It’s going to be fun! Stuff that makes us grow as artists and can be applied to any field of figurative art.
Enroll and see the whole thing at ! smiley


The Shape of Water ( Charlie’s fanart )

After watching the incredible inspiring Del Toro’s movie, i decided to do my first fan art in years…
The movie really spoke to me in many ways…
Discrimination, sexism, art..and maybe it’s me but i saw a powerful message there about animal ( everything not human ) rights. The right of be left alone and don’t be abused.
I guess no one wants to see others suffering.
So pay attention to your acts smiley
Hyper fun to work on this.
Thanks for the support throughout the process on instagram and facebook.

Waiting for the bus… ( Leech Girl )

This is a personal project i did inspired on a girl i saw on the streets of my town, waiting for the bus. Of course she didn’t have the crazy arm, but she had such a cool personality on her pose, clothes and style. I wanted to keep distance from the default horrible “big boobs ultra sexy” stuff that we see all the time…
Did a quick sketch as soon as i got home and the idea started to develop by itself.
I used this project to finally introduce Substance Painter to my workflow and test the new MarmosetToolbag3 (renders straight out from Marmo3, no post! ).