I see you, Humi’ra!

Inspired by the incredible work done on Avatar: the way of the water, this is my take on a Na’vi girl, Humi’ra.
It was a blast over the past couple months working on this. I think it’s safe to say this was the personal project I got the most obsessed with in my career …so far, lol!
Had the chance to learn a lot on the hair side, exploring different techniques in Xgen and watching a lot of fun tutorials. Loved the texturing and look process as well, although very tedious and slow on my laptop.
I’m trying something new this time, putting up a Pack with over 100 WIP renders, reference board and a timelapse video of the early blocking stage. It’s for reference only, but I think there is value on seeing the piece evolving render by render, how an artist organize their references and start blocking an idea… This will be at a symbolic price, to see if we can find new ways to support ourselves as an art community and create value on our personal projects.
You can check the pack here, if you are interested:
Thanks for all the support during this journey, and thanks to the Avatar team for the inspiration!


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