Still Standing – LadyShroom

Another one coming straight from the subconscious.
It was a very interesting experience to see this developing throughout the sculpting ( almost therapy ) sessions.
To me, it talks about loneliness, feeling the pains of growth and the resilience to stand your ground and carry your own weight in the process..
What from one angle can be beautiful, from another can be tragic. A dichotomy inherent in most things…
And lastly, it brought me back to my childhood. Listening to my mom telling stories about all the magical creatures the used to live outside, behind the windows. For every weird noise she would come up with some kind of gnome, a goblin, a fairy or a monster… and we would just laugh and trip over it. ( Yes, now I see that my parents were Hippies..and still are! ).
As always, I’m Curious to hear how it makes you feel.


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