Dragon_fire_00_BIG mmset_01 mmset_02 mmset_03 mmset_04 mmset_05



So this is the final result of the friendly challange between me, Bruno Camara and Bruno Melo. We decided to do a mini-contest with a “medieval” theme just to keep exploring and praticing on our spare time. The main shot is rendered with 3dsMax+ Vray and composed in Photoshop. The other shots , aswell as the video, are from MarmosetToolbag ( realtime ).

The Dragon was concepted with a lot of silly drawings and a quick sketch in Zbrush. Then retopologized using Topogun and fully sculpted and textured back in zbrush and photoshop.

Here you can see some of the early work in progress shots :


dragon_wip_01 dragon_wip_03 dragon_wip_05 dragon_wip_06 dragon_wip_07 dragon_wip_10 dragon_wip_11_C dragon_wip_16 dragon_wip_16_b dragon_wip_17


And here a quick “tutorial” of how i did the scales sculpt:



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