Techno Image


Amazing project i had the pleasure to work together with my friends of Techno Image / Meindbender studios.

I was responsable for the Referee and the crowd guys. I did the modeling, textures and blendshapes for them. Bruno Melo helped with a couple of crowd guys models.

Agency: África, Brazil – Art Diretor: Alexandre Prado – Creative Director: Eco Moliterno – RTV: Patricia Gaglioni




Itaú- Contos de fada





Plastic Wax

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Opening cinematic:


Dungeons & Dragons

Worked on the cultists shoulderpads and on the Sourcerer outfit. ( model + textures )


Infinite Crisis

Had the pleasure to work on Batman doing model+ textures ( except for the face ), and on Green Lantern ( highpoly )


Civilization V – Brave New World  Trailer i’ve worked with Plastic Wax.  I was responsable for Picasso’s model and a few other characters blendshapes.


ICS – Digital Sculpture Class

The Pirate is based on a concept art by Mike Azevedo. Another character sculpt done 100% inside Zbrush.

Pirate_final_ 1 Pirate_final_ 2 Pirate_final_ 3 Pirate_final_ 4 pirate_zb


Paikuhan is a amazing characters who fights Goku at the very end of Dragon Ball Z, at the other world Tournament.

Model made for Rod Pralier’s facebook challange.

All done 100% with Zbrush, from zspheres basemesh to final render.


<p><a href=”″>Paikuhan – DBZ Turntable</a> from <a href=””>marianosteiner</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>




Statue of Mariuz Pudzianowski, 5 times World’s Strongest Man, MMA fighter, actor and singer.
About 95% of zbrush work. 5% 3DsMax.
Hope you like it!

Mariuz_final_big mariuz_wip_03_B Mariuz_wip01 Mariuz_wip02 Mariuz_wip03 Mariuz_wip04 Mariuz_wip05 Mariuz_wip06




<p><a href=”″>VampireinBrooklyn turntable</a> from <a href=””>marianosteiner</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Model done for my Digital Sculpture course at
100% Zbrush.

Vampire_01Vampire_02 Vampire_closes



This is a sculpture i did last year on my “Digital Sculpture” class here in Brazil, based on a awesome concept art of Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura. I choose this concept because of its versatility as a character.
With this sculpture i would approach anatomy, style adaptation, subtools creation ( dynamesh/ shadowbox, etc), refinement , alpha creation and application, transposing and final adjustments.
For more info about the Digital Sculpture course :

Final_max render_full Leonardo_render_00 Leonardo_render_1Leonardo_render_2